We offer all stocks and rollover cheeks in american, bastogne, claro, english walnut and five color patterns of laminated birch. We also laminate our own walnut, maple, and birch combinations with thicker slices so it gains strength while retaining the distinction of the wood, and adds virtually nothing to the weight compared to solid wood.
All stocks are inletted to the common actions patterns we have at no additional charge if desired, and should require only minor wood removal to achieve the space you desire for bedding material. They have a somewhat generic barrel channel that works fine with the light Palma taper that Krieger offers through the larger "AMU" taper.


Our replacement cheeks were originally developed by Mid Tompkins and produced by Scott Medesha. They replace the McMillan prone cheek or may be adapted to any match rifle stock. Available in walnut or any of the colored birch laminates.